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“Made in Dorchester;” Handmade with soulful purpose


Conceived by the South Bay Team under the direction of Ryan Lorey, EDENS’ Director of Planning – Construction, the “Made in Dorchester” initiative at South Bay is a direct reflection of our mission to enrich community.

Ryan led the search for local artisans and placemakers who embody the culture and soul of Dorchester. The project enlisted 10 resident blacksmiths, mural artists, carpenters and metalworkers to create unique custom works throughout South Bay.

The idea to engage local artisans was born from our team's desire to enable and engender community. People can feel when something, especially things like furniture that we interact with daily, is created by hand with intent and purpose. The experience of it is different; it is comfortable, inviting, we want to share it with others.

- Ryan Lorey

The Dorchester-made details include a hand-painted mural by Best Dressed Signs, metalworks; benches, bike racks, planter boxes and the signature “Made in Dorchester” marker by American Handcraft and Iron Bear Forge and colorful art and inspirational quotes by The UP Truck scattered throughout South Bay.

“The artisans contributed to the creation of South Bay, and now it is his or her place. With that belonging is a shared stake in the community; a connection to others, the desire to protect and ensure the success and vibrancy of the place, a concern for its future.”


Do you have a favorite quote? If so, what? :
“There have been times when streets were the primary focus of city building – streets rather than individual buildings.” – Allan B. Jacobs

I like this line from Great Streets as I feel it captures what makes EDENS unique to other developers and describes a primary focus of my own work. It speaks to an attention to the places where we come together, where community happens, where life is enjoyed with others.

Favorite menu item from South Bay:
I’m excited to try anything at the soon-to-open Gyu Kaku. I think the idea of sharing a meal with friends after also preparing it with them is a strong one.

made in dorchester instagram
made in dorchester instagram

If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be?
I would trade places with my desk neighbor, Stacey Carbone. I run the majority of my design ideas through Stacey first to see if they are worth pursuing. She is the world’s defense to my bad ideas and the encourager of the good ones. I would like to experience that kind of intuition for a day. She also regularly packs delicious lunches.

What band can you listen to on repeat?
The Deftones

What’s one word you would use to describe yourself?

What’s your ideal day off?
A trip to the park with my daughters and wife, a picnic lunch, then a nap for all!

What’s your favorite read?:
Anything that conveys the history and process of how something fantastic and challenging was constructed. I read The Great Society Subway awhile back detailing the development of the DC Metro system. Can you imagine executing a project of that scale in this town?

South Bay Forged Signage
made in dorchester stamped lumber