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Collaborative Design Boldly Branded “Made in Dorchester”


Raised in a household that embraced design and craftsmanship, Frank Criscione was destined to bring creativity to the world. With a mother in the fashion industry, the opportunity for artistic expression was greatly encouraged. Frank followed suit and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. Eager to share his knowledge and experiences, Frank became a teaching adjunct instructor while continuing his carpentry and metal work.

Handcraft Social Bike Racks
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EDENS Director Planning, Ryan Lorey, was introduced to Frank’s best-in-class design work by fellow artisan Roger Chudzik of Iron Bear Forge. Frank’s artistic creativity combined with a functional awareness parlayed into several contributions to Boston’s South Bay project. From benches and bike racks to planter boxes and mahogany lattice, Frank’s installations are well formed and thoughtfully assembled, achieving beauty, strength, functionality and durability. “People can feel when something, especially things like furniture that we interact with daily, is created by hand with intent and purpose. The experience of it is different; it is comfortable and inviting. We wanted to share this feeling at South Bay” said Lorey.

Partnering with Iron Bear Forge, Frank and Roger’s collaborative efforts produced distinctive, locally made elements, boldly branded with “Made in Dorchester”, designed by Frank himself. A direct reflection of the mission to enrich community, Frank’s “Made in Dorchester” design represents the work of the local artisans and placemakers who helped in the creation and soul of South Bay.

Boston American Handcraft bench and planter
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