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We all prosper when we Enrich Community

At EDENS, we enrich communities by creating relationships, building places and cultivating human engagement. This starts by having strong relationships with our retail, leisure, service and restaurant partners. We work with those who share our values to ensure every EDENS place consistently offers a locally unique, high-quality customer experience.

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New Retail
A survey of the world’s most innovative retail architecture and design
By Raul A Barreneche

Shopping has become synonymous with entertainment and the retail store a key player in establishing brand identity. In a growing trend, high-profile architects are designing provocative storefronts and interiors that create an aura of exclusivity to draw in customers and attract media attention.

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Where Chefs Eat
The ultimate guide on where to eat by the real insiders
By Joe Warwick

When it comes to searching for trusted restaurant recommendations amidst so much noise and chatter, turning to accomplished chefs makes perfect sense. Modern chefs are no longer chained to their stoves. In many ways they’re better attuned to their local restaurant scenes than the average critic, and rarely travel abroad without where they’re going to eat being at the top of their agenda.

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Reengineering Retail
The Future of Selling in a Post-Digital World
By Doug Stephens

Infused with real world examples and interviews with industry disruptors, Reengineering Retail illustrates the vast opportunities at play for bold brands and business leaders. Stephens’ strategies will provide businesses with the foresight required to move quickly and effectively into the future.