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Bigger than real estate, we explore the people who infuse our places with energy—the retailers, the chefs, the artists. Here is where we delve into the vibrant narratives that breathe life into EDENS’ properties 

Tune In: Redefining Placemaking for Inclusive Communities

How does placemaking go from the status quo to creating welcoming spaces that feel like home?

Retail Excellence + Market Research: EDENS’ CEO on The Weekly Take

Excerpts from an interview with CBRE's popular podcast, The Weekly Take.

A Milestone with Urban Alliance

For more than 25 years, Urban Alliance has been building a diverse next-generation workforce.

Go Green

Though we are 100% carbon neutral at all EDENS’ public spaces, we are still committed to doing even more for our people, places and planet. As stewards of our communities, we are responsible for ensuring the future. Our efforts today leave a lasting impact.

Lulah Hills: Cracking the Code to Community-Minded Redevelopment

The much-anticipated demolition of North DeKalb Mall marked the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter for the city of Decatur.

Milestone in Motion: EDENS Expands National Footprint

Our coast-to-coast growth continues unabated! We eagerly anticipate stewarding new acquisitions into the future.

Street Canvas: Public Art for Alamo’s Community

ABG Group is an artist-led initiative that brings value and social currency to built environments.

What Does It Mean to be Genuinely Engaged In Life?

Encounters with ‘consequential strangers’—those impromptu conversation collisions—have a lasting impact, far beyond social media likes.

Social Connection: The Key to Building Healthy Communities

We live in an era where virtual communities have become the norm, but what has been lost in the process?

We all smile in the same language.

Our places serve as the canvas for meaningful experiences that inspire curiosity and wonder.

Words We Love

Inspiring books and music


Encounterism: The Neglected Joys of Being In Person
By Andy Field


Think Like a Horse
By Grant Golliher


How to Know a Person
By David Brooks


Inciting Joy: Essay

By Ross Gay

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