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Place matters when its story is told

Culture, Canvas and Conversation

EDENS places are rich with stories— from our own team, from retailers and restaurateurs, from the artists who infuse our properties with life, color and originality.

We lead with our people, who create our culture. Places are the canvas in which we design and curate meaningful experiences. We engage through conversation: a compelling collection of visuals, words and creative intellect.

For His Next Chapter, Denver Curation

Michael shares his appreciation for a hard day’s work and his observations on technology’s impact on people.

Building a Future That Lasts for Generations

How EDENS is becoming recognized as one of the most sustainable real estate companies in the country.

OMG, my mother was right about everything…

With Mother’s Day right around the corner (Sunday, May 13; don’t forget!), we wanted to gather the best advice from our own EDENS' community.

Sustainable Impact

We believe in stewardship, which is about more than the best practices of using the right materials and systems, recycling and reusing; stewardship is developing and utilizing resources wisely to ensure our places are sustainable for our future generations.

Mobile Arts Lab Sparks Inspiration Throughout Dorchester

Design, and its emotional touchpoints, are key in the creation of community. EDENS engaged local mural artists, blacksmiths, carpenters and metalworkers to create custom works throughout South Bay as part of the “Made in Dorchester” initiative.

Fava Pot’s mission to feed the soul

When you meet Dina Daniel, founder and chef of Fava Pot, it is clear why her restaurant is more than a place for a delicious meal; it’s a place that feeds the soul.

Mind, Body, Bowl; Finding Balance at SAMA

Approaching SAMA at Andrews Square, a sense of tranquility permeates the place. Branded with a gold circle that hints at a space for wholeness, connectivity and, as the name SAMA signifies, balance.

Introducing Mosaic District’s First Lady of Cheese

Dubbed by adoring Cheesetique customers, the “Cheese Lady” is fitting for Jill Erber, a passionate cheesemonger who’s been bringing her love of fromage to cheese enthusiasts in the DC Metro area since 2004.

An Insider Perspective on EDENS’ Creative Ethos

We create places for communities to come together in ways that make us think, feel and engage with one another.

Not Just Coffee, Your Beloved Daytime Barkeep

Meet James Yoder, one half of the husband-wife duo, of Atherton’s Not Just Coffee in Charlotte, NC.

Words We Love

Inspiring books and music


Hit Makers
By Derek Thompson


The Power of Moments
By Chip Heath & Dan Heath


Reclaiming Conversation
By Sherry Turkle


The Great Equalizer
By David M. Smick


EDENS Playlist

VOLUME UP: these are the songs that speak to us and keep us moving.