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Place matters when its story is told

Culture, Canvas and Conversation

EDENS places are rich with stories— from our own team, from retailers and restaurateurs, from the artists who infuse our properties with life, color and originality.

We lead with our people, who create our culture. Places are the canvas in which we design and curate meaningful experiences. We engage through conversation: a compelling collection of visuals, words and creative intellect.

At EDENS, we believe in the power of women.

Over the past several years, women business owners and entrepreneurs were gaining traction in the marketplace at a steady pace.

Honoring and Celebrating Black History Month

We are in the business of humanity. Our differences are what make for beautiful and strong communities. 

Setting the Foundation For A Sustainable Tomorrow

As one of our eight core values, stewardship is about more than the best practices of using the right materials, processes, and policies; it is through thoughtful care, development and utilization of all our resources and assets that shape our communities.

Go Green

Though we are 100% carbon neutral at all EDENS’ public spaces, we are still committed to doing even more for our people, places and planet. As stewards of our communities, we are responsible for ensuring the future. Our efforts today leave a lasting impact.

I Heart Rail Trail: Lights

Inspiring or amusing for one person, provocative or even boring for another, the universal truth about art is that no two people see or hear the same thing.

We all smile in the same language.

As we guide our businesses through these challenging times, we have never lost sight of our purpose— to enrich community.

Past, Present and Restoration for the Future.

Park Road Shopping Center opened in 1956 as the first open-air shopping center in Charlotte, NC. It also unveiled its trademark— a large red paneled sign that catches the eye of passerby to explore the charming shopping center.

Black Girl Magic: A Mission, A Movement

The Museum for Black Girls has arrived!

Five Consumer Trends That are Snowballing Into 2021

As we add more layers and head out with our masks and hand sanitizer, it's clear that consumers - and retailers - are adjusting to a new normal. Here are some of the long-lasting retail trends that will shape...

We Need Our Communities Now More Than Ever

As we move through the dog days of summer with COVID hanging over us, it feels as though our world has shredded humanity.

Words We Love

Inspiring books and music


D-Day Girls
By Sarah Rose


By Tara Westover


Me Elton John
By Elton John


WOMEN: The National Geographic Image Collection

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