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Place matters when its story is told

Culture, Canvas and Conversation

EDENS places are rich with stories— from our own team, from retailers and restaurateurs, from the artists who infuse our properties with life, color and originality.

We lead with our people, who create our culture. Places are the canvas in which we design and curate meaningful experiences. We engage through conversation: a compelling collection of visuals, words and creative intellect.

Passion for Park Road: Past, Present, Future

For Catherine Bickford, her role is much more than curating experiences and merchandising at our places; it is about serving her community.

Succeeding Through Family and a Strong Work Ethic

As EDENS Managing Director of the Western Region, Tom Kiler knows about enriching community through hard work.

DC to NY: Design, Beauty and Placemaking

Jessica Caldwell knows a thing or two about design and placemaking. With education and deep expertise in interior design, branding and creative strategy, she is EDENS Senior Design Strategist.

Sustainable Impact

We believe in stewardship, which is about more than the best practices of using the right materials and systems, recycling and reusing; stewardship is developing and utilizing resources wisely to ensure our places are sustainable for our future generations.

Inspired by American Freedom, Art Ignites Dallas

In America, Willie Nelson represents music, culture and values of the West. Growing up in 1980s communist Romania, renowned artist Dan Colcer grabbed on to the icon as the epitome of freedom of expression.

Collaborative Design Boldly Branded “Made in Dorchester”

Raised in a household that embraced design and craftsmanship, Frank Criscione was destined to bring creativity to the world. With a mother in the fashion industry, the opportunity for artistic expression was greatly encouraged.

Mind, Body, Bowl; Finding Balance at SAMA

Approaching SAMA at Andrews Square, a sense of tranquility permeates the place. Branded with a gold circle that hints at a space for wholeness, connectivity and, as the name SAMA signifies, balance.

What Inclusive Urban Development Can Look Like

Harvard Business Review: Inclusive prosperity is the idea that the opportunity and benefits of economic growth should be widely shared by all segments of society. Most cities fall well short of that ideal.

Dorchester Kids Walk South Bay Red Carpet

Exiting from a line of yellow school buses, the kids of Dorchester looked on in awe as they approached the dazzling marquee lights and stanchioned red carpet.

How Darnall Kept Charlotte Moving in 2017

Charlotte Business Journal: For Darnall, managing director of EDENS, the coming months will be filled with negotiations to finalize the perfect roster of retailers.

Words We Love

Inspiring books and music


Hit Makers
By Derek Thompson


The Power of Moments
By Chip Heath & Dan Heath


Reclaiming Conversation
By Sherry Turkle


The Great Equalizer
By David M. Smick


EDENS Playlist

VOLUME UP: these are the songs that speak to us and keep us moving.