Building a Future that Lasts for Generations

A Strong Enriched Community is a Sustainable Community

All EDENS Public Spaces Are Carbon Neutral

But We're Not Done Yet. We are committed to doing even more for our people, places and planet.

As stewards of our assets, we are responsible for ensuring the future—and for harnessing a collective desire for prosperity well beyond our time. By encouraging our people and our partners to follow our lead on building practices, resource management and prioritizing the importance of climate mitigation wherever possible, we are promoting environmental protection while also building and creating more livable communities.

The Bigger Picture

Together We Can Improve Our Planet's Health

EDENS Impact

Our work is Bigger than Real Estate. We are in the Business of Humanity.

Sustainability Report

Retail Partner Impact

Encouraging our Retail Partners to Embrace More Sustainable Practices.

Sustainable Practices Guide

Individuals Impact

Reducing our carbon footprint permeates through our lives both at work and at home.

Sustainability Tips

EDENS Impact

EDENS’ task force has examined our sustainable practices to inform our future efforts.

Go Green Icons_EV

77 Stations

of ELECTRIC VEHICLES across 18 properties

EVs save 2,000 KG of CO2 every 2,000 miles driven

Go Green Icons_Solar


SOLAR PANELS at South Bay and Union Market District

saving 250,000 KG of CO2 per year

Go Green Icons_Energy


REDUCTION in common area electricity usage since 2008

saving 4.3 Million KG of CO2

Go Green Icons_Recycling

12,000 tons

of WASTE RECYCLED since 2012

saving 34,500 Tons of CO2

Retailer Impact

Together we are committed to establishing building blocks today for a thriving, sustainable community of tomorrow.

Go Green Icons_Lighting


Turn off lights in unoccupied rooms. Replace incandescent lamps with LED lamps

Go Green Icons_HVAC


Change filters regularly. Keep vents closed in unoccupied areas to prevent heating and cooling of storage areas and closets.

Go Green Icons_Recycling


Establish a recycling program for all applicable waste and provide recycling containers.

Go Green Icons_Water


Install inexpensive, water efficient aerators in faucets. Use EPA watersense labeled products.

Individual Impact

Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint permeates through our lives both at work and at home.

Go Green Icons_Bottles


Time for single use bottle to degrade.
Avoid Single Use Plastic.

Go Green Icons_Water

200 Gallons

Water wasted a month brushing our teeth.
Turn Off The Tap While You Brush.

Go Green Icons_Cars

500 Tons

CO2 emitted by the average car a year.
Carpool, Walk or Bike to Work.

Go Green Icons_Bags


Number of disposable bags saved with one reusable shopping bag.
Switch to Reusable Plastic Bags.