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Building a Future That Lasts for Generations

How EDENS is becoming recognized as one of the most sustainable real estate companies in the country

Recipe: Kapha Tea

At Andrews Square, SAMA Food for Balance offers a flavorful Kapha tea.

Mind, Body, Bowl; Finding Balance at SAMA

Approaching SAMA at Andrews Square, a sense of tranquility permeates the place. Branded with a gold circle that hints at a space for wholeness, connectivity and, as the name SAMA signifies, balance.

Inspired by American Freedom, Art Ignites Dallas

In America, Willie Nelson represents music, culture and values of the West. Growing up in 1980s communist Romania, renowned artist Dan Colcer grabbed on to the icon as the epitome of freedom of expression.

Collaborative Design Boldly Branded “Made in Dorchester”

Raised in a household that embraced design and craftsmanship, Frank Criscione was destined to bring creativity to the world. With a mother in the fashion industry, the opportunity for artistic expression was greatly encouraged.

Recipe: Vata Bowl

At Andrews Square, SAMA is all about the mind, body and bowl. A favorite nutritious meal of SAMA's founder, Shannon Salter Slinger, is the Vata bowl. Sweet, salty, sour tastes with warm cooked foods creates a flavorful balance that...

Dorchester Kids Walk South Bay Red Carpet

Exiting from a line of yellow school buses, the kids of Dorchester looked on in awe as they approached the dazzling marquee lights and stanchioned red carpet.

Passion for Park Road: Past, Present, Future

For Catherine Bickford, her role is much more than curating experiences and merchandising at our places; it is about serving her community.

Recipe: Linguini with Anchovies, Garlic and Parmigiano

For an easy-to-prepare home version, Chef Stefanelli offers a flavorful anchovy and garlic sauce using Italian-made dried linguini from Gerardo di Nola, the historical pasta factory in Gragnano, Italy.

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