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We all smile in the same language.

At a time when cohesive, supportive communities are so important, we feel our places serve as the canvas for meaningful experiences that inspire curiosity and wonder.

Bring on the Joy

Communities thrive when people feel connected. We lead happier, healthier lives when we feel a sense of belonging, and strong, enriched communities create a stable and supportive society.

Refresh, renew, relax…reset. Spring is here!

If summer is the time for dancing in the streets, then spring says, “wake up, warm-up!”

At EDENS, we believe in the power of women.

Over the past several years, women business owners and entrepreneurs were gaining traction in the marketplace at a steady pace.

Black Girl Magic: A Mission, A Movement

The Museum for Black Girls has arrived!

I Heart Rail Trail: Lights

Inspiring or amusing for one person, provocative or even boring for another, the universal truth about art is that no two people see or hear the same thing.

Honoring and Celebrating Black History Month

We are in the business of humanity. Our differences are what make for beautiful and strong communities. 

Everything you need to know about South End’s Atherton development

Thirty of 32 retailers and restaurants and NOVEL Atherton apartments are now open at Atherton Mill in South End.

23 of the Best Winter Getaways to Start Planning Now

The vibrant neighborhoods, free historic attractions, critically acclaimed restaurants and high-end shopping districts make Washington D.C. a must-visit weekend getaway destination.

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