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Past, Present and Restoration for the Future.

Park Road Shopping Center opened in 1956 as the first open-air shopping center in Charlotte, NC. It also unveiled its trademark— a large red paneled sign that catches the eye of passerby to explore the charming shopping center.

We Need Our Communities Now More Than Ever

As we move through the dog days of summer with COVID hanging over us, it feels as though our world has shredded humanity.

Mosaic’s Evolution from Industrial Lot to Thriving Community

Before the Mosaic District in Merrifield, Va., was redeveloped about 10 years ago, it was an expanse of parking lots, fast-food joints and industrial warehouses.

Setting the Foundation For A Sustainable Tomorrow

As one of our eight core values, stewardship is about more than the best practices of using the right materials, processes, and policies; it is through thoughtful care, development and utilization of all our resources and assets that shape our communities.

Step Up, Reach Back and Dream Big

It's imperative to have more women leaders owning and operating thriving scalable businesses.

Buttermilk Biscuits from St. Anselm

The best buttermilk biscuits in the area right now come from a surprising place: St. Anselm, the cool-kid steakhouse near Union Market (and now also: your oven).

Transforming Retail in the Heart of Art

For an iconic outdoor apparel brand with a devoted fanbase and millions of social media followers, Patagonia demonstrated it has a knack for stealth in Denver last month.

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