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Find the Beauty in Flaws Showing Humanity


Husband and wife duo, Josh Luke and Meredith Kasabian, make up the Boston-based sign painting company, Best Dressed Signs. Meredith and Josh Luke were enlisted by Ryan Lorey, EDENS Director of Planning, to create a mural for Boston South Bay. Embodying the culture and soul of Dorchester, Best Dressed Signs hand-painted a distinctive design that captures visitors’ attention proudly reading “Made in Dorchester.”

“Our work is colorful, and being human and being social is having color in your life. Having a mural in this space provides happiness and curiosity for the arts” said Josh Luke.

To add culture and color to South Bay, Lorey was thoughtful in discovering artists who are greatly tied to the community. “Dorchester is one of, if not the oldest, lasting communities in America. Founded in 1630, Dorchester has been inhabited by makers from its genesis, and houses Boston’s construction workforce, blacksmiths, carpenters, pipefitters, glass blowers, electricians and artists. South Bay aspires to be a project made in Dorchester, made by Dorchester, and made for Dorchester” said Lorey.

As advocates of the neighborhood, Josh Luke and Meredith’s partnership with EDENS further enriches the Dorchester community through their art. “Public art is important because not many people have the chance to see art in the traditional sense. Public art is democratic, giving the opportunity for people to experience it,” said Meredith.

The thoughtful artwork that so boldly states “Made in Dorchester” has inspired community connection and conversation, creating a place for Dorchester to call their own.

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