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Not Just Coffee, Your Beloved Daytime Barkeep


Meet James Yoder, one half of the husband-wife duo, of Atherton’s Not Just Coffee in Charlotte, NC. A dream of starting a coffee shop since his teens, James and his wife Miracle took their passion for coffee and created a place that is rooted in and admired by the community.

Originally a go-to spot at Atherton Market, James and Miracle quickly grew a highly caffeinated following with their coffee stand. The community’s support and a desire to have a stand-alone shop soon led to the official opening of Not Just Coffee in Atherton’s sunny corridor. The sky-lit space, exposed brick and the smell of freshly ground beans make for a welcoming morning to all of Atherton’s visitors.

James and Miracle pledged to cultivate a community supportive of their ethically and locally-driven business. Partnering with Charlotte-based Counter Culture Coffee and Homeland Creamery, Not Just Coffee delivers quality all while keeping it in the neighborhood.

Atherton Not Just Coffee
Atherton inside photo of Not Just Coffee

More than coffee, James and Miracle have brought the funk to Atherton and began hosting Jazz Jam on the last Thursdays of each month. The duo connected with Charlotte Center City on their “Music Everywhere” initiative and brought in neighboring wine bar, Vin Master, to bring music to Atherton’s ears. Passion for their craft and their community pours over (see what we did there…) in every facet of their business.

“Create something where you find every detail important. That’s why I love Not Just Coffee – the space, design, menu, ingredients, staff, customers – every component is so important to who we are” says James. “People are looking for places to be close to others and to experience sense of community, sense of oneness—coffee shops are a place that immediately fulfill that need – we’re kind of like daytime bartenders.”

It’s not just coffee after all.

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