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Be Part of the Shop Small Movement


At EDENS, we proudly partner with 900+ small businesses from Boston to Miami, across Texas and west to Denver. Throughout our more than 16 million square feet of retail, these businesses are the fabric of our communities. As makers, dreamers and family-shop owners, these small businesses serve their fellow neighbors with a personal touch in everything they do.

We recognize these businesses year-round, but when November arrives, we make a point to head out to our local shops to celebrate Small Business Saturday. An initiative created by American Express, Small Business Saturday was founded in 2010 to encourage our communities everywhere to get out, stroll your main streets with family and friends and support small businesses.”Because when they thrive, we all thrive.”

We spoke to four of our small business partners about their experiences and the meaning of community support. On Saturday, November 24, be a part of the shop small movement. #WeAreEDENS #ShopSmall

Rudy's Instagram of Mural
Rudy's Ribbon Cutting

Closter Plaza: Rudy’s Ristorante & Pizzeria // Owners, Charlie + Fred Osso + The Rudy’s Family

“Being in business since 1963, we’ve had the pleasure of serving generations of families. We are very hands on with our customers, they are an extension of our family and the reason we have been able to stay in business. For us, we love when customers share their own ideas, some that we’ve even added to the menu! It’s all about listening to your customers.

When EDENS was redeveloping Closter Plaza, we had to make several transitions to the new location. They were wonderful throughout the whole process, helping us navigate each stage. When we opened the new location with a ribbon cutting, the response was overwhelming. We were very touched by the support; our customers hung with us and EDENS was very supportive.

We built our new dream restaurant, and Rudy’s is the best it’s ever been.”

KrisTaylor interior
KrisTaylor Family

River Market: Kristaylor // Owner, Laurie Puleri

“For 18 years, we have been family owned and operated jewelry boutique in Naples, FL. I took over the business from my parents about five years ago, and I discovered EDENS through their Atlanta properties. Curious about what opportunities there were, I did some research and found River Market in Fort Lauderdale. There was exactly one space available and happened to be just the right size for a boutique. I reached out to Jennifer Hudson, EDENS Director of Leasing, and within a few days I saw the space.

It’s been amazing to try out Kristaylor as a pop-up and learn the market with support from EDENS. It’s everything to have the community support your business. It makes for a warm setting, knowing customers’ names and knowing they trust me. In the future, I’m excited to see where my business can grow!”

group of Sabah shoes
Sabah Instagram Post Sabah Shoes Cobler

Union Market: Sabah // Owner, Mickey Ashmore

“We were drawn to Union Market because we liked being somewhere that was off-the-beaten path, yet accessible — it has a lot of soul. It’s resulted in a lot of really engaged businesses that come together and share their energy to create a good vibe and, in turn, bring business to each other.

This community support means knowing our customers — calling them friends, having them shop with us every year for a new pair of Sabahs and every time they visit bringing a new friend, or family with them. We grow up together in a sense, our business grows and matures along with our customers. And that creates a real warmth and personal connection, and it feels good. That is community. This is about serving customers in a genuine way, taking an interest in them and in return having them take an interest in you!

It’s all special to me. It’s not easy to build a culture at a company, but it’s fun and rewarding!”

Eva at Monster Yogurt
Monster Yogurt Instagram

Casa Linda Plaza: Monster Yogurt // Owner, Ava Skipworth

“After working a corporate job for 20 years, I was feeling ready to serve the community and my neighborhood. I took a year off and created Monster Yogurt with my friends as my steering committee. I started from the ground up, creating my own brand.

When it came to opening my shop, I knew I wanted to open at Casa Linda Plaza. I love this community; it’s eclectic and fun. When I did my grand opening, it was standing room only and a line out the door!

It’s been so rewarding to be part of this community and partnering with EDENS. Starting my business at Casa Linda Plaza, I’ve seen how EDENS uplifts and supports the community. EDENS has attracted more families to Casa Linda with a fun poetry wall, live music on Thursday nights and other small businesses that have kept Casa Linda as a place for families to gather.”