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Elevating the Consumer Experience with Discovery and Play


Human engagement is most authentic when we are fully present for each other. When we truly live in the moment, routine transactions become meaningful interactions.

In a frenetic world with almost limitless options, how and where we invest our time and money really matters. We cut through the noise and clutter in search of what’s special or different, and our choices are based on quality, novelty and the rewards of feeling known. Now more than ever, as people rebuild social trust, consumers are looking for welcoming spaces that encourage discovery and play.

Little Reminder: Don’t Forget to Play Today

It’s a noun, verb and adjective; emotive and motivating.
We play it up, down, loud or cool—
oftentimes in a single day. 

We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

George Bernard Shaw

These liminal moments happen in the spaces between life’s commitments and responsibilities. Yet, the fundamental elements of play—surprise, tension, discovery, gratification and understanding—add depth and dimension to every social interaction. What does this tell us? Play might be the essential ingredient to authentic human engagement.

In fact, Dr. Stuart Brown, a medical doctor, psychiatrist and clinical researcher, believes there are serious physical, social, emotional and intellectual perks for practitioners of play in all stages of life:

“Despite the fact that we possess qualities that allow our unique individualities to prosper (and which play enriches), we still find ourselves with overall social needs to interact regularly and find ways to get along supportively and interdependently with our friends, relatives, neighbors, community and beyond.”


Where Everyday Experiences Become Joyful Associations

72% of Americans report they are happier when connected with their local community. However, 69% say they don’t know their neighbors, 66% of millennials feel disconnected from their local community and 70% of Gen-Z report feelings of routine loneliness.

EDENS creates retail ecosystems that sustain and enrich communities. We envision our places as environments where people are naturally inspired to gather. Through inclusive design, thoughtful curation and authentic engagement, we expertly balance everyday wants and needs with a growing desire for physical and emotional wellbeing.

Collective prosperity happens in communities where people are more frequently encouraged to engage in ways that build lasting relationships. By creating real moments of surprise and delight in our places, with more opportunities for play, we make every trip a more meaningful experience.

Jodie W. McLean CEO, EDENS