Enriching Communities

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For the Love of Design

The psychology of connection, of human relationship to the material world, fascinates us. What prompts someone to identify with a place? What makes a person choose one store over another, or one brand instead of another?

Without a passion for design, we can’t answer those questions.

Great design woos us. It is authentic and timeless. It draws us in, framing the way we see the world. It rearranges the chaos of consumer life, effortlessly. Design creates the environment for us to connect. Design is emotion- it connects us to a place, creates a sense of pride and ownership in the community, and influences the decisions we make as well as where we spend our time.

We create a sense of warmth, intimacy and familiarity, which naturally fosters meaningful social interaction. We give careful thought to every decorative element: fountains, signage, unique lighting. These elements invite us to stay, connect and discover. When our centers engage the senses, spark action, and provide emotionally satisfying interactions, they succeed.

Our deep love for design tells the story of our 50-year commitment to innovation and excellence better than our words ever could. As we move forward, we’ll keep creating retail spaces that inspire connection. And to inspire, we’ll keep making spaces that are visually interesting. It’s who we are.

Enriching Communities

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