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South Bay Center

8 Allstate Road, Boston, MA 02118

South Bay is Dorchester’s first mixed-use gathering place, an undertaking that will shape the legacy of Boston’s biggest and most diverse neighborhood for generations. EDENS’ curated blend of national retailers and unique boutiques, chef-driven restaurants, emerging brands and local friends reflects the unique personality of this place and responds to the changing activity of each day. Jointly working in the design and curation of South Bay, EDENS and local blacksmiths, mural artists, carpenters and metal workers have created a canvas that is rooted and reflective of the local community.

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Retailer Space # SF Address Website Social Media
Available 390 1,830 SF CONTACT AGENT
Available 290 745 SF CONTACT AGENT
110 Grill 450 6,000 SF 1 District Ave Visit Website
AMC Theatres 370 48,772 SF 25 District Ave Visit Website
Applebee's Grill & Bar 2-40 5,800 SF 11 Allstate Rd Visit Website
Backyahd BOS 260 5,890 SF 28 District Ave Visit Website
Bank of America 2-70 3,000 SF 1104 Massachusetts Ave Visit Website
Best Buy 50 44,895 SF 14 Allstate Rd Visit Website
Boston Medical Physical Therapy 325 10,420 SF 39B District Ave Visit Website
Carter's 250 4,000 SF 26 District Ave Visit Website
Chipotle Mexican Grill 360 2,452 SF 27 District Ave Visit Website
Converse 230 4,140 SF 22 District Avenue Visit Website


Elizabeth Furnelli
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