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We all smile in the same language.


As we guide our businesses through these challenging times, we have never lost sight of our purpose— to enrich community.

We launched EDENS Mantra throughout our national portfolio as a call to action expressed in a collection of words, lyrics and icons that embody what it means to engage as a community.

The mantra was created by our talented EDENS design team and the artwork was intentionally layered so that each viewer will have a unique experience. This detail inspires us to slow down and connect with our community.

The Mantra is a discovery of hidden elements; art, poetry and lyrics to 31 curated songs that spark joy within our community.

Since the launch, we have received an outpouring of messages and photos captured throughout our portfolio which share a connection to our message.

One message in particular came from a middle school social studies teacher who discovered the EDENS Mantra at Boston’s South Bay.

I am a 5th and 6th grade social studies teacher and this poster is in my wheelhouse for my classroom community. I think it's amazing and a perfect complement for the values I want to instill in my students. It's an amazing message and one that should be shared by everyone.

Middle School Teacher Social Studies

These messages are a reminder that while this year has tested us, we are – and always will be – in the business of humanity.

To inspire your own creative endeavors, follow our EDENS Mantra playlist on Spotify.