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Past, Present and Restoration for the Future.


Park Road Shopping Center opened in 1956 as the first open-air shopping center in Charlotte, NC. It also unveiled its trademark— a large red paneled sign that catches the eye of passerby to explore the charming shopping center.

The Charlotte community has witnessed Park Road Shopping Center’s evolution while it remains a place that embodies the past and present. The iconic red and white “Park Road Shopping Center” sign reflects the rich history and required careful restoration to preserve this cornerstone of the community.

After 64 years, water had compromised the wood structure causing EDENS to seek out an expert to restore this treasured monument. In November 2019, EDENS partnered with Modulex, a Charlotte-based design-build firm, to restore the sign to its rightful state. Modulex specializes in sustainable, custom signage and has collaborated with EDENS on local projects in Charlotte such as the Atherton Mill and Kenilworth Commons.

As stewards of the community, EDENS is committed to sustainable practices to invest in our future generations. Modulex’ passion and expertise in green restoration methods made for the ideal partner for the project. It was vital to identify a partner who would understand the importance of the iconic sign and use green solutions in the restoration process.

When we were approached by EDENS on this project, our entire team was excited and honored by the opportunity to restore such an important sign in our community. Watching our team carefully revitalize each piece was a fun sight to see. I know the entire community is appreciative of EDENS for their dedication to preserving CLT’s rich history.

Modulex began by carefully disassembling the original sign at Park Road Shopping Center that previously had not been touched since 1956. Modulex used “green” dustless blasting to remove the ceramic enamel coating from the 308 original panels, made from recycled glass bottles. They carefully restored each of the pieces of the sign before reinstalling over the course of seven months.

The sign itself held historical elements discovered by Modulex as they began the restoration process including neon parts and electrical components from the ’60s along with an old Pepsi Cola Bottle. EDENS and Modulex can only wonder that a sign worker purchased the Pepsi from the original Colonial grocery store and left it behind after a hard day’s work.

I have never been around any center that means more to a single community than Park Road. If you are ever lucky enough to acquire something that has been in the community for a long time, you must understand what it means to the people around it. The restoration of this sign is a testament to our commitment to Park Road and its passionate community.

Lyle Darnall EDENS Managing Director

The Park Road Shopping Center sign was officially restored and reinstalled in July 2020. EDENS and Modulex brought back to life a historic and beloved sign that holds many stories in the hearts of the Charlotte community. Stories that continue to be told and created under the iconic red and white of Park Road Shopping Center.