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Food Halls Narrow Their Culinary Focus


Excerpts from Thrillist, December 5, 2022

It’s not just about what’s lining the shelves or coming out of the kitchen that makes the place special. “For centuries, marketplaces have been places for conversation as well as commerce,” says La Cosecha spokesperson Norma Morales Perez. The space has quickly developed a deeper meaning for the community.

When La Cosecha debuted in 2019, founders envisioned it as a gathering place for the growing Hispanic population in DC and across the country. With more than 10 Latin American countries represented in the market, it’s morphed into a setting for people to learn about the culture and traditions of these countries.

“La Cosecha is a discovery destination—a variety of sights, sounds, and tastes all in one place,” Perez says. To further that mission, La Cosecha regularly partners with nearby Latin American embassies to host events like live music, cooking classes, and temporary art exhibitions to educate DC residents.

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View article written by Liz Provencher.