Art In The Union Market District

Fostering a New Era of Artistic Communities

A launchpad for emerging and established artists alike, the Union Market District is a haven for creative expressionists, from artist-in-residences including John Dreyfuss, Maggie Michael and Dan Steinhilber to national and international partnerships with Yoko Ono, Mariela Ajras, Mr. Brainwash, (RED), and the The Hirshhorn, to name a few. As the 45-acre historic urban area expands its collection of murals by new artists, Union Market District continues to engage visitors in a thoughtful and impactful manner.

1. Water Bottle Chandelier

Dan Steinhilber | 2013

Best known for his large, impactful installations comprised of mass-produced consumer items, Dan Steinhilber has exhibited in galleries, museums, sculpture parks, and not-for-profit spaces; and has been awarded artist grants from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities and was awarded a Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship. He created the “Water Bottle Chandelier” hanging in Union Market’s main entrance.

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Yoko Ono | 2017

Yoko Ono is a renowned artist whose work influenced Feminism and directions in new and contemporary media. She has also worked tirelessly for human rights and peace. RELAX. YOUR HEART IS STRONGER THAN WHAT YOU THINK !, a new public mural created for Washington, DC, transforms nearly 1,000 square feet of the exterior of Union Market into one of Ono’s signature textual artworks. Ono imagined the piece specifically for this location with the hope that it might compel us to step outside of our daily lives and consider the power of the heart over the restrictions of the mind.

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3. Untitled (Brainwash)

Mr. Brainwash | 2016

Internationally renowned street artist Mr. Brainwash collaborated with former First Lady Michelle Obama to create a series of works to celebrate International Women’s Day with Let Girls Learn, an initiative to help adolescent girls worldwide attend and complete school.

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4. Humanity

Creative Theory | 2017

In partnership with Google, the Humanity mural was designed to stand the test of time and highlight a simple word that means a lot. The colors used in the mural signify the importance of harmony through the human connection.

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5. Unititled (Zebra)

Peter Krško | 2013

Peter Krško is the founder of Krsko Cretive Group, a non-profit collective of artists, educators and visionaries that uses art, science and technology to improve public spaces with the goal of building heathy communities. In this mural, Krško reimagines the classic Zebra pattern in an abstract form.

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6. We're Getting Louder

Amy Cavenaile and Annica Lydenberg | 2018

By The Washington Post’s The Lily, We’re Getting Louder recognizes that women are continuing to use their voices and words to advocate for equality and celebrates the successes that have come from those women.

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7. American Female Identity

Mariela Ajras | 2019

This mural is a donation from the Inter-American Development Bank to commemorate their 60th Anniversary. The image is of an empowered Latin creole/mestizo woman looking towards the future. The woman is duplicated, addressing the idea that she looks from the past and at the same time, constructs her future. Behind her, there is a rising sun created in golden paint which reflects brightly on the wall’s surface. The women’s fabric patterns create an optical illusion and a geometric contemporary feeling. The mural expresses the vibrant spirit of Latin American aesthetics, incorporated with colorful Latin American textile designs.

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8. In This Together

Bisco Smith | 2019

In partnership with AIDS organization (RED), New York-based contemporary artist Bisco Smith painted this mural as part of PAINT (RED) SAVES LIVES, a multi-city global street art campaign: an international initiative to raise awareness for the (RED) Global Fund’s 6th replenishment conference. As a gateway to the Union Market District, the mural sets the tone with a bold, welcoming gesture for the diverse artistic and creative community that calls DC home.

“I want the piece to serve as a reminder that in the fight against AIDS, we are stronger together,” says Smith. “That idea also speaks to our world as a whole. From climate crisis, political turmoil and global disease, we are all connected in this experience together, and we all have stakes in a better tomorrow for everyone and everything on our planet”

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