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Community Starts at Home Around the Table


Throughout history, people bonded together out of comfort and necessity. Gathering at a central market, a communal collective was created that gave way for a sustainable life as people shared commodities and conversation.

As EDENS Director of Culinary Strategy, Richie Brandenberg knows the power of food as a way to human connection.

With expansive expertise in kitchen operations, organization and recipe creations, Richie partners with restaurateurs in myriad ways. With a keen eye for quality Richie engages his quest for top talent, ingredients and public access around EDENS’ expansive portfolio.

“Enjoying a good meal opens conversations, creating a world of possibility. Food is a unifier, a connector; it is the way to exploration and education,” says Brandenburg. “The experience of food is social, sensory; it’s soulful.”

The Grilled Oyster
Mosaic Requin

Richie can be found at Union Market, chatting with retailers and restaurateurs alike, discussing quality ingredients and brainstorming the next opportunity. For Mosaic in Fairfax County, Virginia, he regularly travels around Virginia, Maryland and DC, talking with farmers about food sourcing, handling and accessibility. In Charlotte, NC, one might find him strategizing about front-end operations, consumer experience and business strategy at Atherton Mill or Park Road Shopping Center.

When he’s not traveling around supporting restaurants and communities, he’s sharing his passion for good food and good health. He regularly shares his creative intellect through panel presentations, speaking engagements and other thought leadership opportunities.

Above all, he knows good and cuisine play a special part in placemaking: People convene over fresh market foods, artisan goods, art and creative intellect— creating a welcoming space that inspires engagement and conversation.

Society Bakery inside photo
Society Bakery inside photo