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Baking is Art; Life Led Me Here


Roshi Muns, native Texan, is an entrepreneur who turned her love of baking into a business beyond cupcakes, and into that of aspirations, spreading joy and enjoying the journey.

Started in 2003, her bakery is a haven for sights and smells, a true escape into nostalgia, yet with a modern interpretation of childhood favorites. With an undergraduate background in business, Roshi understands the importance of ingredients behind her bakery. She sees her baking as art, as a way to give back and support her community.

“I want them to forget about anything else that’s going on in their lives. They can just be in the bakery, enjoying the sights and the smells. Like a kid in a candy shop.”

Stroll into her shop and customers are greeted with striking blue tile that lines the counter and punctuates the floor. Cozy wooden benches invite visitors to sit and stay, while warm light sconces graze the walls. Gaze through the glass cases to see hot pink glitter cupcakes, dark chocolate eclairs and sunny lemon squares.

Society Bakery inside photo
Preston Royal Society Bakery desert

Her place brings together the unexpected, paired with timeless classics and elements of home. Roshi brings love for her craft, love for her art and love for her community to Preston Royal Village in a warm, inspiring haven.

“You have to come to peace with living in the moment and appreciating what you have, and balancing that with not being complacent…life is a journey.”

Preston Royal Society Bakery lady photo
Society Bakery store front Society Bakery inside photo