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Mind, Body, Bowl; Finding Balance at SAMA


Approaching SAMA at Andrews Square, a sense of tranquility permeates the place. Branded with a gold circle that hints at a space for wholeness, connectivity and, as the name SAMA signifies, balance.

Shannon Salter Slinger designed SAMA to be a welcoming place for all. Serving the Buckhead community and beyond, SAMA is a place to encourage wellbeing with healthy fare and a community full of a yoga and meditation practice.

Prior to the creation of SAMA, Shannon was managing a demanding work life as modeling agent in New York City, providing guidance on the best beauty and wellness practices. Through her research, Shannon discovered a passion for yoga and meditation and became a registered teacher with I.S.H.T.A Yoga (Integrated Science of Hatha, Tantra and Ayurveda).

Sama Food for Balance instagram
Sama instagram

She immersed herself in the teachings of Ayurveda, the Hindu art of balance through mind, body and spirit. “Ayurveda is all encompassing; food to balance your constitution” said Slinger.

With a growing family and desire for a slower pace of life, Shannon with her husband and new baby moved to Atlanta. Shannon knew of Andrews Square and the close-knit community of retailers, specifically Lucy’s Market. In addition to connecting with the retailers, Shannon having an eye for architecture, found Andrews Square to be a place of comfort. With breezy walkways, outdoor dining and a Mediterranean style, the unique atmosphere was a perfect home for SAMA.

Herbert Ames, EDENS Senior Vice President, guided the development of Andrews Square found SAMA to be the ideal fit for the neighborhood. “Bringing fresh cuisine and a spot to break away for morning mindfulness, SAMA is the perfect respite for our community,” said Ames.

Shannon Sliger in studio
Sama class photo Sama Juices

Imparting creative and personal details, Shannon has designed a space that invites a sense of ease to all who visit. “The beauty of doing nothing” is posted on the meditation room wall. Prominently displayed in the restaurant is a bit of humor and homage to Shannon’s grandmother’s saying, “hey good-lookin’, whatcha got cookin’?”

As part of the Andrews Square community, Shannon has connected with fellow retailers on exciting openings, such as House of Wallace who used SAMA’s juices as delicious cocktail mixers, and provided her well-known balance bowls for Fit9 events. Fitting to the ethos of EDENS’ Andrews Square, Shannon has enriched the Atlanta community in bringing balance through mind, body and bowl.