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Dorchester Kids Walk South Bay Red Carpet

Exiting from a line of yellow school buses, the kids of Dorchester looked on in awe as they approached the dazzling marquee lights and stanchioned red carpet.

Passion for Park Road: Past, Present, Future

For Catherine Bickford, her role is much more than curating experiences and merchandising at our places; it is about serving her community.

Recipe: Linguini with Anchovies, Garlic and Parmigiano

For an easy-to-prepare home version, Chef Stefanelli offers a flavorful anchovy and garlic sauce using Italian-made dried linguini from Gerardo di Nola, the historical pasta factory in Gragnano, Italy.

How Darnall Kept Charlotte Moving in 2017

Charlotte Business Journal: For Darnall, managing director of EDENS, the coming months will be filled with negotiations to finalize the perfect roster of retailers.

What Inclusive Urban Development Can Look Like

Harvard Business Review: Inclusive prosperity is the idea that the opportunity and benefits of economic growth should be widely shared by all segments of society. Most cities fall well short of that ideal.

Masseria Evolves with the Seasons and People

In May 2014 a small city parcel stood in disrepair. EDENS and Chef Nicholas Stefanelli unveiled new life on a storied building that would become a beloved destination in DC’s booming food scene.

DC to NY: Design, Beauty and Placemaking

Jessica Caldwell knows a thing or two about design and placemaking. With education and deep expertise in interior design, branding and creative strategy, she is EDENS Senior Design Strategist.

Digitally Native Brand Connects in Real Life

We no longer shop for a product, we shop for a relationship with a brand. A digitally borne brand shares its perspective on how brick and mortar helps the company flourish in retail.

Baking is Art; Life Led Me Here

Roshi Muns, native Texan, is an entrepreneur who turned her love of baking into a business beyond cupcakes, and into that of aspirations, spreading joy and enjoying the journey.

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