Enriching Communities

a story of Connectivity

The Pulse of a Community

At Union Market in Washington, DC, deaf students and faculty at nearby Gallaudet University are building a bridge between the hearing and non-hearing worlds. They work and shop there, interacting with hearing people through gestures and teaching them sign language. At Crossroads Plaza in West Hartford, music careers and friendships are blossoming at The Underground, a weekend performance space created exclusively for teens to have a safe, encouraging place to hang out. At Sunshine Square in Boynton Beach, FL, regular customers start their day at the Boynton Diner several times a week, catching up and having a laugh over coffee before heading to work.

A place to truly connect.

Every year, the average American works 2,080 hours. That’s 140 more hours than 25 years ago, or almost an entire week of our lives. While we spend more time than ever in the office, the gravitational pull to our homes is just as strong—if not stronger—than it ever was. But, even in our homes, life moves fast and connections are made digitally. As our dependence on technology rises, so too does our desire to log off. Although our time is scarce and precious, we crave human connection and community.

We need a place to slow down, and we need a reason to slow down. Our third places encourage face-to-face activities and interactions. They are authentic places where a shopper can embrace connectivity with family, friends, community and herself. A first date, a birthday dinner, a trip to the farmers market, a play date with friends, a jog to clear her mind—these are the moments she will embrace and remember at our third places.

When we create places that connect and inspire people, we build the moments that matter most.

Enriching Communities

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