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Eyes on Tomorrow

As long as there are basic consumer needs and retailers who can meet them, we know centers will be built and shoppers will come. What we’re interested in is creating and maintaining retail spaces that truly function as the community gathering place. A place that inspires people to return, again and again.

We build more than bricks and mortar.

When we operate a center or design a new development, we plan for regulars—people who come not only for a shopping trip, but also for an evening stroll on date night, or their daily cup of coffee before work. People who embrace our centers as part of their neighborhood, like the families who live near Merchant’s Walk in Marietta, GA and spend every anniversary and birthday dinner at SEED.

In every corner of EDENS, we’re working to accomplish this vision. We start by designing and operating high-profile retail centers that complement and enhance the local urban landscape with a vibrant mix of shopping, dining and living spaces. We find retailers whose level of passion matches our own – they are artisans, creatives and visionaries. Through design, we create a sense of warmth, intimacy and familiarity through even the smallest addition, like the teal accents at Cross Hill Market in Columbia, SC. That level of detail naturally fosters meaningful social interaction.

Since 1966, we’ve fixed our eyes on two things: people and tomorrow. So when we envision our retail developments, we see centers that are the pulse of a community: a place where people go every weekend, where customers are regulars, where retailers are area leaders. It’s this simple: we live for community and connection.


We build more than bricks and mortar.

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